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The Carter Wise Choice is obviously a wise choice.  This release also has an index finger hole to assist with consistent finger placement and adds the security of an enclosed jaw for peace of mind. The Wise Choice features an auto-closing jaw for quick and easy D loop attachment. The simple set screw tension adjustment system give you the most precise and simple trigger tension adjustability. Carter is adding a removable lanyard system to give the bow hunter the option of clipping the release on the D loop or keeping the Wise Choice on your wrist. Available in both a 3 finger and 4 finger fit.

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Trigger Type: Thumb

Weight: 6oz

Made in Idaho

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The Carter Wise Choice Archery Release is a thumb trigger release that is designed to help archers with consistent index finger placement and secure their index finger in the loop. It is a product of Carter Enterprises, a company that specializes in premium release aids for archery. Here are some features and benefits of the Carter Wise Choice Archery Release:

  • It has an auto-closing jaw that allows you to attach it to your d-loop quickly and easily without worrying about losing it or having it fall off.
  • It has a set screw tension adjustment system that lets you customize the trigger tension to suit your preference and shooting style.
  • It has an index finger hole that helps you keep your index finger in the loop and prevent it from slipping out when you cock the release. This can improve your accuracy and consistency, especially in windy conditions.
  • It has a removable lanyard system that gives you the option of clipping it on the loop or keeping it on your wrist for convenience and safety. You can also choose between different colors and configurations of the lanyard.
  • It has a universal fit that matches the geometry of the popular 1st Choice release, which is another thumb trigger release from Carter Enterprises. This means you can easily switch between different releases without changing your grip or stance.

The Carter Wise Choice Archery Release is a great choice for archers who want to have more control over their index finger placement and feel more confident in their shooting performance. It is also suitable for bowhunters who need a reliable and secure release for hunting scenarios. You can find more information about this product on its official website or on various online retailers such as Amazon.


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