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The unique design of the KEETON release seamlessly blends two styles of releases into one. A wrist strap, index trigger style at heart, the integrated grip allows the archers to draw and shoot using more than just the shoulder to handle the weight. When the release length is adjusted properly, the archer can distribute the weight evenly between the grip, wrist, arm and shoulder. At full draw the grip pivots, quickly aligning the finger with the trigger. Decreased fatigue and better stability provide better accuracy and more enjoyable shooting.

• Pull more pounds
• Hold at full draw longer
• Longer shooting sessions
• Hold steadier
• Prevent injuries
• Helps archers with pre-existing injuries shoot again.

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The SPOT HOGG KEETON ARCHERY RELEASE is a unique and innovative device that combines the benefits of two types of releases: a wrist strap and an index finger trigger. It is designed to help archers draw and shoot with more comfort, stability, and accuracy.

The KEETON release features an integrated grip that allows the archer to use more than just the shoulder to handle the weight of the bow. The grip helps distribute the weight evenly between the grip, wrist, arm, and shoulder, reducing fatigue and improving posture. The grip also pivots at full draw, aligning the finger with the trigger for a smooth and consistent release.

The KEETON release is adjustable in length and can fit any hand size. It has a crisp and light trigger that can be set to different sensitivities. The release also has a snap closure that makes it easy to attach and detach from the bowstring. The release is made of durable and lightweight materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The KEETON release is ideal for archers who want to pull more pounds, hold at full draw longer, shoot longer sessions, hold steadier, prevent injuries, and shoot again with pre-existing injuries. It is also suitable for archers who want to try a new and different style of shooting that blends two releases into one.

The KEETON release is a product of SPOT HOGG, a company that specializes in high-quality archery equipment. SPOT HOGG is known for its innovative and reliable products that are trusted by many professional and recreational archers. The KEETON release is one of their latest creations that showcases their expertise and passion for archery.

The SPOT HOGG KEETON ARCHERY RELEASE is a versatile and functional device that can enhance the performance and enjoyment of archers of all levels and styles. It is available in black color and full size. It can be purchased online or from authorized dealers. For more information, visit


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