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TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow Package with ACUslide


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Feature Description
Crossbow Model TenPoint Siege RS410
Cocking System ACUslide
Arrow Speed Up to 410 feet per second
Included Accessories Premium illuminated scope, quiver, arrows
Cocking/Decocking Effortless and silent operation with ACUslide system
Trigger Precision-engineered for crisp and consistent shots
Compatibility Suitable for hunting large game
Warranty Manufacturer’s warranty included

Experience unparalleled precision and power with the TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow Package featuring the innovative ACUslide cocking system. With its premium accessories and advanced technology, this crossbow package is perfect for hunters seeking top-tier performance in the field.


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TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow Package with ACUslide

Get ready to conquer the hunt with the TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow Package featuring the game-changing ACUslide technology. Designed for ultimate precision and convenience, this crossbow package is a game-changer for hunters of all skill levels.

With the innovative ACUslide system, cocking and de-cocking your crossbow has never been easier. Say goodbye to cumbersome ropes and manual cocking devices—simply slide the handle and let the technology do the work for you. It’s smooth, silent, and incredibly efficient, giving you more time to focus on your target.

But the Siege RS410 isn’t just about convenience—it’s about performance. With speeds up to 410 feet per second, this crossbow delivers unparalleled power and accuracy, ensuring you hit your mark with every shot. Whether you’re hunting big game or targeting smaller prey, you can trust the Siege RS410 to deliver results.

Built for durability and reliability, the Siege RS410 features a rugged design that can withstand the toughest hunting conditions. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to maneuver in the field, while the ergonomic grip ensures comfort during long hunts.

Don’t settle for mediocrity—equip yourself with the best. Invest in the TenPoint Siege RS410 Crossbow Package with ACUslide and experience the difference for yourself. Order now and take your hunting game to the next level.

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